What’s Your Story?

compelling Stories.

While everyone has a unique story to share, not all possess the knack for crafting it into a captivating narrative. However, some of us do. I’m Trevor Davies and I’m eager to guide you in overcoming the daunting blank screen or page.

Trevor Davies

I’m Trevor Davies, a storyteller by profession.

Our stories hold immense power, surpassing any other force in the world. I want you to craft your most exceptional tale. One that will transform your own life but also have a profound impact on the lives of others. Unleash a tale that will astound the world.

Hey Trev, Can you help?

Yes, I can. I’m Trevor Davies and I would love to hear about the solutions you need for growth.

Content That Walks, Talks &
Sells Your mission.

I’m Trevor Davies, and I’ve been helping non-profits with media for development skills and asset creation for many years.
My engaging, free courses have everything you need to help develop your craft of creating compelling stories.

My objective is to impart a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to the remarkable community of non-profit innovators that has emerged around the concept of sustainable development goals.

My Keys To Create A Powerful Inciting Incident

You went through an inciting incident. It gave a reason to your mission and what you strive for today! The inciting incident is one of the six structural elements of plot used to tell an effective story.

But that’s not all! You’re in the business of change, right? Well, that’s what inciting incidents do – they change things. You’re getting where all this is going, right?

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Popular questions

I’m Trevor Davies, and I would like to help you create the content you need.

All courses are immediately available to you. No cash, no elaborate sign ups. Dive in! I also present all my courses tailored for groups such as NGOs, schools, projects. I hope they’ll make a plan with me for rewarding my time and developing particular modules according to their needs.

Take your time, you have as long as you like! Just remember that the goal is cross the finish line at some point! I’m considering introducing certificates of completion, do you think this is a good idea? Let me know!

I’m moving years of experience on line. I’ve prioritised practical skills courses to help young activists get somewhere in their work. I am of course a visual creator so photography, videography are my personal fascinations. I also love writing fiction! Give me time – that’s coming.

Don’t be shy to tell me what is not working for you! It will help me improve my own creative processes. Remember, I’m retired, working from home and coming back from a two year bout of long COVID! My best efforts but if you are really unhappy let me know and I’ll try to help you find something more formal and worthwhile for you!

I’ve taught across the southern and East African region for forty years. You can take these courses in your own time, in a place that’s comfortable for you! The pace of your learning, your focus for learning, it’s all up to you. Joining a professional course of study is great, perhaps I can tease you into doing this if you wish. On-the-job learning is also good. Enjoy!