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We all start somewhere! These featured courses can help you sort out the why and how of content creation for non-profits. Then scroll down for some specific areas of interest.

Whose job is it to fix everything?
Mastering Storytelling

This energetic course serves as a comprehensive introduction to storytelling, guiding you from the basic concepts of narrative structures, character development, plot planning to transforming ideas into captivating stories.

It’s perfect for anyone looking to enhance their storytelling skills, regardless of previous experience.

Constructing Engaging Photo Stories for Your Non-Profit

Explore the art of visual storytelling by learning to construct engaging photo stories for your non-profit.

Master the techniques of choosing impactful images, framing the narrative, and effectively sharing your story with your audience.

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You will find a myriad of linked topics in my courses – I’ve been at it for forty years!

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Simply writing – Fiction and Fact

I love writing! By the roadside, in a hotel, in the garage at home – fiction or fact. Go mad with me!

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Gendered Content Creation

Really important to create balanced stories with real relevance to your audience

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Images and Video Creation

I’ve spent thirty years creating images that matter. Give me an hour and I’ll show you how you can do it too.

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The Creative context for non-profits

We’ve our own content creation needs as non-profits. What are they? How can you fill the need?

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Gender & Masculinities