An Online Photo Gallery Will Expand Your Non-Profit Reach.

It’s important to have a Photo Gallery for your non-profit organisation. You can expand your non-profit reach with an online photo gallery and create and share a low-cost Photo Gallery very easily. This can improve your public presence and demonstrate your impact to a broader audience.

By creating and sharing these galleries, organizations can present a visual narrative of their work, fostering a deeper connection with clients, communities, staff, donors, and the public.

Photography, through its raw and unfiltered lens, holds the power to evoke a profound understanding of social issues, giving them a meaning that resonates with people globally, irrespective of their geographical boundaries.

For instance, you might include photos of community development projects, healthcare initiatives, educational programs, and many others, providing a tangible means to demonstrate the impact of your non-profit’s work.

Piwigo Photo Gallery
An Online Photo Gallery Can boost A Non-Profit 11

Using an Online Photo Gallery to Raise Awareness for Your Causes

In this day and age, visual media has taken the world by storm. It is nearly impossible to escape the influence of photographs, which have become an integral part of our lives.

Whether it be on billboards, social media, or in magazines, images have the power to capture our attention and shape our thoughts.

They possess an innate ability to convey messages and evoke emotions that words alone often struggle to achieve.

This is precisely why great photography and an online photo gallery has become indispensable in today’s society.

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I want To help You with Photography and an Online Photo Gallery for your cause

Photography and an online photo gallery has the potential to raise awareness for nonprofit organisations in a manner that non-visual content simply cannot achieve. This is precisely why, I provide complimentary photography services to small non-profits in the Cape Town area, and with support for my travel and stay, to any communities who are unable to afford professional photography.

South Africa is a diverse country with a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions. It is imperative that we respect and honor these cultural nuances in our photographs. I strive to accurately represent the communities you work with, allowing their voices to be heard and their stories to be told. By doing so, I hope to foster understanding and empathy among your audience. See here for how to tell better photo stories.

An Online Photo Gallery
Upload your photos
You can add photos with the web form, any FTP client or
a desktop application like digiKam, Shotwell, Lightroom or
mobile applications.
Batch Manager
Filter photos from your collection, make a selection and apply actions in batch: change the author, add some tags, associate to a new album, set geolocation…
Organise and share your photos
Add a single and succinct list item
Privacy on your Photos
Make your photos private and decide who can see each of them. You can set permissions on albums and photos, for groups or individual users.
Online Photo Gallery with Piwigo
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We’ve got our pictures, what now?

I recommend Piwigo

What is Piwigo Photo Gallery?

Public sector, companies, foundations… all of them have to manage their own collection.

In the Digital Asset Management field, Piwigo focuses on ease-of-use, affordability, performances and sustainability.

I use Piwigo to help you manage, organise and share your photo stories easily on the web.
I design for organisations, teams and individuals.

Pictures and our Online Photo Gallery – Where to now, Trev?

In the realm of non-profit organisations, it has become increasingly apparent that simply offering my photography services is insufficient. While a captivating photo gallery can undoubtedly showcase the brilliance of your work, it is futile if you lack the necessary means to effectively communicate with potential donors and supporters. This realisation has prompted me to delve into the realm of training courses and skills development, specifically in the fields of digital marketing and fundraising.

Through my website and hands-on training initiatives, I aim to equip individuals and organisations with the expertise needed to excel in these areas. I understand that in today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. By honing your skills in digital marketing, you can maximise our reach and engage with a wider audience, ultimately attracting more support for your cause.

Furthermore, fundraising is an essential aspect of sustaining your non-profit organisation. Without adequate funds, you are unable to continue your work and make a tangible difference in the lives of those you aim to help. By offering training courses in fundraising, I hope to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure the financial support needed to drive their mission forward.

I acknowledge that I cannot do it alone. If you can support and offer expertise in the realms of digital marketing and fundraising, your guidance and assistance would be invaluable in helping to navigate the intricacies of these fields, ensuring that we make the most of our resources and efforts.

How about some bite-sized training?

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