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WESSA Friends and Affiliates

WESSA is a non-governmental organization in South Africa that has been a major player in conservation for roughly 95 years.

They aim to empower people and communities for sustainable choices in environmental action, education, and human capacity enhancement.

The ‘Friends Groups’ initiative, started in the 1980s, encourages citizens to collaborate to protect and restore nature areas and places of special interest.

This environmental group also supports other independent, non-profit organizations sharing similar goals, who can become affiliated members of WESSA.

What are Friends Groups?

Friends Groups are a key part of WESSA’s community initiatives.

They started in the Western Cape in the early 1980s and were originally focused on nature reserves.

These groups aim to safeguard natural resources by working with property owners or authorities.

Their scope has since expanded to include any place that needs protection and help, including historical heritage sites.

Volunteers in Friends Groups work together to conserve areas of interest, protect them from harmful developments, or restore them.

Affiliation Benefits and Cost

Use of WESSA’s name and logo

Affiliated Friends Groups or organizations can use WESSA’s name and logo on various promotional and communication materials like signboards, websites, brochures, etc.

Network and Exposure

WESSA provides networking opportunities and exposure through channels such as newsletters, national publications, web portal, social media channels.

Assistance with Fundraising

Using WESSA’s name and logo can boost the visibility and credibility of the group, aiding in their fundraising efforts.

Cost of Affiliation

The cost for affiliation is R 4 50.00 per annum which includes quarterly digital issues of WESSA’s in-house magazine, African Wildlife & Environment.

Affiliate members and Friends Groups play a vital role in WESSA’s mission of conservation and education.

They significantly contribute to the organization’s work by networking and actively working in communities at a grassroots level.

These members and groups vary from volunteers conserving natural areas and historical heritage sites to independent, environment-based non-profit organisations with similar aims.

The efforts of these groups help in strengthening the environmental movement and foster sustainable living choices.

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